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Vision : Be worldwide renowned company, create a platform for employees, customers, partners to achieve their dreams.

Mission: Science and Technologically Protect the safety, make peoples life safer,more comfortable.

Values: Struggle, team,dedication,gratitude,pursuit of excellence,embrace of change

Talent View: Take the character as the foundation, take the ability as the focus, take the mentality as the choice. Rich man believe that talent is the fundamental business development, enterprise development and talent is mutual promotion. We respect all the people who have made contributions and efforts for the development of the company, and do the best to get the greatest reward for the people who have worked hard.

Slogan:  Work the best for Richmor itself, Customers and partners!

Service principle: Do the best and have a clear conscience!

Service tenet:The development of our customers is our development and the best for the customers.

Executive force standard: Execute it immediately! Be responsible! No excuses.

Spirit: Self-reliance, self-confidence, unity, full strength, never defeat

Focus Us
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