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2017 Mountaineering Activity

At the end of 2017,  RICHMOR took a Close to Nature trip Mountaineering--- Wutong Mountain which is the highest Mountain in Shenzhen. ( Altitude : 944m, Mileage:4375km.) 


Richmor Family Photo before Mountaineering.

Really, Go! With Singing & Happiness, the team leader take RICHMOR Flag start off together with their members . 


The only aim “ to the Peak”

We chose the most complicated and difficult route, just like RICHMOR young but encourage enough to meet all Challenges and believe we can do and reach our aims. 


Yes, it is Team work, we help each other, encourage each other in the way. We also had interesting activities to help relax and get funny. In whole way, we forgot tried only the aim to reach the peak! 

Richmor Team, Richmor Story!

Look, all of us are happy, proud of ourselves. Richmor Flag finally in the peak, means Richmor MDVR will reach the Peak as well. 

Enjoy the Victory, Up to the Peaks!

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