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2017 IFSEC Expo

2017 IFSEC Expo

Time: 20th - 22nd June,2017

Booth No: F2200a and E1840 HALL: S10  

IFSEC Expo established in London since 1973, and now it have 44 years history which is also the most professional and strong exhibition in the business file.

we had two Booths this time to impress more professional customers. Again, the high definition demo and Newest Model RCM-MDRS5 , RCM-BK6 attracted many visitors. And we also deeply discussed with professional customer for Software isuse, and OEM cooperation. 


Although this was the second time to London Expo, but we got many customer’s feedback who have great impression of RICHMOR MDVR in last year 2016. It is a honor of RICHMOR MOBILE DVR, and believe the products will he highly interesting in more professional customers. 

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