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2/4 CH Mini Modular AHD HD MDVR

4CH Mini HD Mobile DVR


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    Bk6 is consist of Host and Stand,mainframe and bracket combine to be completely functional model .they also can work separately after split off, (stand for standalone working which is strengthen version)


    it is very convenient for installation,only need 3M glue to attach device onto vehicle’s front windshield, also only need 1/10 of traditional mdvr installation time.


    it is with stable cooling design, device can operated continuely under 70°C.


    The industrial solution ,system design and reliable EMCD make sure device itself and external accessories working stable.

    And it has good design for tamper-evident, for dust-proof to make sure sd card ,SIM card ,antenna and connector not be damaged


    All modules adopt embedded Pluggable structure which convenient for install,also meet the need of vibration


    Support IE mode for realize PAD realtime preview


    With internal 2CH AHD/1CH AHD+1CH digital HD camera (front view camera and cabin inside camera),each channel can up to 2MP. It can expanded to 2CH 1080p AHD camera input(720p optional)


    Mainframe has LED light for vehicle cabin image monitoring under low illumination

    The 2 internal camera can be adjusted for suitable angle for monitoring, the front one can adjusted to vertical side, cabin one can adjusted from vertical to all direction. The external camera can be installed with different lense with different angle for different vehicles, which is fit for specified monitor site,( and camera can be fix after install,no any worry for sb can change its angle)


    Integrated with high sensitivity MIC for recording audio ;

    With build-in loud-speaker for broadcast and forewarning ;

    With 6pcs status indicator for realtime checking working status of device ;

    Integrated with 1 alarming button,1 on-off button and 1 wifi status button;

    With build-in bluetooth module, support wireless alarming and snapshot, support intercom by bluetooth earphone and telephone function.

    With build-in wifi module for auto download and mobilephone connect, and with AP ;hotspot function which can share internet for 5 devices ;

    With build-in GPS/BD module and antenna to realize speed,location, and route management.

    Support route deviation and in &out of zone for alarm , max can be 16pcs route and region ;

    Integrate with 3/4g module for remotely monitor and management ;

    With build-in g-sensor to realize automatically upload when alarm for abnormal vibration,rollover,impact, and brake.

    1ch video output, it can connect vehicle monitor to realize preview and visible for reverse.

    Support wide voltage 6-36V input,support overvoltage protection ,max output current 4A,support 12V output, super low power consumption.

    With build-in capacitor, make sure device operating well within 6-8s under abnormal power off, the key data will be saved, protect disk and integrity


    Reliable file system for make sure video data and storage tools to keep stable ;

    Support dual sd card for storage max up to 256gb, support hot swapping ;

    With 1ch mini USB port for data backup and devices upgrade;

    1CH alarm input and 1CH RS232& RS485;

    Support TTS voice function to realize chinese/English broadcasting;

    Support manual snapshot with emergency button;

    With delay power off function and delay time setting;

    Support dormant with super low power consumption, gps data can keep upload for update location ;

    There are specified protecting cover for all connector and bracket, after finish testing and install, it can make sure wires and antenna not to be damaged.;

    Support external UPS for power supply,achieve full time monitoring and data upload when dormant state ;

    Professional vehicle cms software for remotely monitor & management from pc & mobilephone;

    Support low tempreture for power on and working, working tempreture :-40℃——70℃


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