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Red LED is on, but mdvr not power on successfully. FAQ for 3G fail connection

1-Press F1/F2 button from remotely controller,check 3G info, to confirm if 3G exist; if SIM exist, signal data value, and if dial successful.

2-If 3G not exist, pls confirm if the device model is related with 3G function, and then enter menu/network setting to make 3G enable

3-When sim card not be recognized,pls make sure that sim card fix well

4-3G is not effective when the signal value less than 8

5-When 3G dial unsuccessfully , firstly to confirm 3G sim card if support 3G internet, secondly to check 3G type setting if corresponding with 3G module /3G sim card, eg, when you buy mobile dvr with WCDMA/CDMA2000/TD-SCDMA modules, pls adjust 3G type same as one of them.

6-To check device online,pls make sure if there is server IP exist, if server setup is succeed.when sever setup not finished,device cannot be online.

GPS map is not available at client platfrom

Pls make sure your internet is normal, as google map data is downloaded realtime by client software via network. So need to make sure there is enough bandwidth for map real-time downloading fluently .

If network is normal,pls check if existing antivirus software or firewall which may stop google downloading.

GPS info is available from 3G client software,but cannot proceeding video preview

Pls make sure PC and internet conditions are good which related with 3G client software installation , not hold back all ports working from software.


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